Amy Worrall
Amy Worrall

I'm Amy Worrall. I work for Facebook as an iOS Engineer. I live in Coventry (UK), and I write iOS and Mac apps.

Contact Details:

Twitter: @amyruthworrall @amy


Stack Overflow: Amy Worrall

GitHub: amyworrall


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Looking for #thingstodoinlondon? Why not try light #opera? Rehearsals for #Iolanthe start on 15th Feb - all are welcome to join! #GandS
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On Wednesday I took on the Crystal Maze. We got eight crystals, but only 89 gold tokens.
Woot! I now own the domain 😀
What hosted CI do people use for iOS dev? I need it to post beta builds to TestFlight, maybe run some UI tests, and to be easy to set up.
'Fake News' is not the same as 'lying.' Lying is when an angry toddler claims he's president. Fake News is the machine that makes that true.
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