Amy Worrall
Amy Worrall

I'm Amy Worrall. I work for Facebook as an iOS Engineer. I live in Coventry (UK), and I write iOS and Mac apps.

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Twitter: @amyruthworrall @amy


Stack Overflow: Amy Worrall

GitHub: amyworrall


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i am 100% here for interpreting pokemon evolution as gender transition
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"Are you the sacrifice?" the dragon said.
"Y-yes," the virgin said.
"Did you volunteer?"
"Go home, boy. I'll teach your lord consent."
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Dear White People,

If you don't want to be seen as "racist", stop making excuses for racists.

Millions of Black and Brown People
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Confused? Let me help you out here.
Jews: People
Teh Gays: Still People
People of Color: What it says on the box
Trans People: Yep, People.
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Did anyone rlse’s NSURL.h disappear? I got compile errors, the file in the SDK was empty… No idea why!