Amy Worrall
Amy Worrall

I'm Amy Worrall. I work for Facebook as an iOS Engineer. I live in Coventry (UK), and I write iOS and Mac apps.

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Twitter: @amyruthworrall @amy


Stack Overflow: Amy Worrall

GitHub: amyworrall


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Vienetta was well posh. The sort of thing I might be allowed to have on my birthday.…
For those in the back:

'Toxic masculinity' does not mean all masculinity is toxic. Like 'broken chair' does not mean all chairs are broken.
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OMG, there’s a Canadian version of Bake Off!
I have THE WORST Xcode bug! Sometimes when switching tabs, it pulls one tab off into a new window. And there's NO WAY to undo it!
Please please please

If you are not trans and want to help.

Write posts and tweets and letters to the press and M……
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As silly as it may sound, grownups need to understand that the only practical solution is to make toxic masculinity……
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A good way to consider slurs is, 'do we have a nicer word that does the same job?' Almost always.

We don't have a……
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RT if you’re a woman and you’re just fucking exhausted
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When sending a message to someone saying "We need to talk", please provide some context.

You can say "It's nothing……
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This is great bc I can totally imagine Han and Chewie trying to hide and getting caught in exactly this way…
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Hi @justkwin, wondering if you could tell me the status of rdar://14860959? CC @johnaldis