Amy Worrall
Amy Worrall

I'm Amy Worrall. I work for Facebook as an iOS Engineer. I live in Coventry (UK), and I write iOS and Mac apps.

Contact Details:

Twitter: @amyruthworrall @amy


Stack Overflow: Amy Worrall

GitHub: amyworrall


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It's just like that old saying; "Do what you love for a living and the increasingly unclear distinction between you……
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This. An idea is worth a pint. If someone gives me an idea, that’s what I’ll give them in return.…
Vienetta was well posh. The sort of thing I might be allowed to have on my birthday.…
For those in the back:

'Toxic masculinity' does not mean all masculinity is toxic. Like 'broken chair' does not mean all chairs are broken.
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OMG, there’s a Canadian version of Bake Off!
I have THE WORST Xcode bug! Sometimes when switching tabs, it pulls one tab off into a new window. And there's NO WAY to undo it!