Amy Worrall
Amy Worrall

I'm Amy Worrall. I work for Facebook as an iOS Engineer. I live in Coventry (UK), and I write iOS and Mac apps.

Contact Details:

Twitter: @amyruthworrall @amy


Stack Overflow: Amy Worrall

GitHub: amyworrall


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Heads up for #autistic or #disabled adults active on social media.
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I hate having a cold. It shouldn’t be this big a deal, but I feel really grotty :(
JavaScriptCore is nice. Bridging ObjC blocks to JS functions is pretty cool.
Wow, resetting the SMC on my MacBook fixed the slow wifi issue!
Has Amazon filed a lawsuit against Samsung yet for violating their Fire Phone trademark?
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Installing an upgrade card. The 32MB of RAM and the floppy drive remain untouched.